winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

Four Tips For Getting Your Workers' Compensation Claim Approved

by Franklin Vasquez

If you are injured or suffer an illness due to work related activities, workers' compensation is designed to cover associated medical expenses and replace lost wages. Since paying out on a workers' compensation claim is costly, companies highly scrutinize claims to detect fraudulent reports. Making your report as complete and accurate as possible helps you get your claim approved as quickly as possible.

1. Report Your Injury as Soon as Possible

If you have an acute injury (an injury caused by a specific event), report it immediately, even if you are unsure as to whether you need medical attention. This shows that the incident occurred at your workplace. If you leave your place of work, go home, and do other activities, it makes it much more difficult to prove that your injury occurred at work.

As soon as you suspect that you are suffering from a chronic workplace injury (an injury that occurs over a period of time, generally due to overuse), seek medical attention. Make sure you tell the doctor that you suspect your injury is from workplace activities so this information can be included in your medical report.

Reporting your injury promptly also helps you get your workers' compensation claim started in a timely manner.

2. Provide Consistent Statements

In the heat of the moment, it can be tricky to remember exactly how your injury occurred. Take a few moments to recreate the scene so that you can report exactly what happened. If you provide your company with a story that differs from what you tell your doctor or human resources officer, this calls the validity of your injury into question.

It is important that you accurately report the events that led to your injury. Doing so is a simple way to expedite your workers' compensation claim.

3. Have Sufficient Documentation

If your injury is chronic and requires multiple doctor visits, make sure that your doctor notes that the injury is work related at every single visit. This provides a paper trail that makes it simpler to prove your workplace activities were the cause.

A written account from a coworker who witnessed the injury is another essential piece of documentation to keep on hand. This substantiates your claim and is an additional piece of evidence that you can submit.

4. Hire a Lawyer

If your workers' compensation claim is arduous, hiring a lawyer who specializes in workers' compensation cases hastens the process. Cases involving chronic injuries tend to be problematic, as do those that lack a witness or that were not promptly reported. A qualified workers compensation attorney has immense experience in dealing with workers' compensation cases and can help you submit everything you need to get your claim approved on the first submission.

Should your claim be denied, your lawyer can guide you through the steps of filing an appeal.

The process of completing your workers' compensation claim can be overwhelming. Taking a few moments to gather your evidence so you can present a strong, factual case is an easy way to ensure your claim is approved. You only get one shot to file your initial claim, making it essential that you make the most of it.


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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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