winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

Have You Been A Victim Of Domestic Violence? What You Need To Know

by Franklin Vasquez

An argument can quickly get heated, and may result in a call to the police department if it escalates to an injury. Once it is reported, it will be investigated as domestic violence. This charge can be brought on by a variety of actions, including hitting, stalking, raping, or kidnapping. To be properly defended, a criminal defense attorney will need to be retained as soon as possible after the charge.

How Is Domestic Violence Defined?

Domestic violence is defined as physical or mental abuse inflicted by a partner or parent. This partner can be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or any other family member. It includes inflicting bodily harm, but it also includes taking measures to mentally torment someone so that they feel victimized. This can include imposing threats, blackmailing for money, withholding access to basic needs, and causing feelings of terror. It can result in years of mental anguish, well after the case has been finalized.

Who Can Be Charged?

A domestic violence case can be charged by anyone, including men and women. In some cases, children can also be charged depending on their age and the circumstances of the charge. If the charge results in a guilty verdict, it can require time in jail, particularly if there are injuries incurred or charges of heinous crimes such as false imprisonment or aggravated rape. The outcome of the case will vary from person to person, based on the facts, evidence, and the legal team working on the case.

Why Is A Criminal Defense Attorney Needed?

Anyone arrested for a domestic violence charge will greatly benefit from the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. Serious jail time is at risk in this type of case, so it is crucial that fair legal representation is utilized. If there are past charges of abuse that resulted in any type of injury, that is even more reason to seek the counsel of an experienced legal team. If the charges are false or seemingly exaggerated by the victim, the possibility of prison becomes very real.

If the allegations are false, a lawyer is needed even more. He or she will have the expertise required to prove that charges were unnecessarily charged. If the charges prove to be true, an attorney may be able to secure a plea bargain in which the sentence can be reduced. This reiterates the crucial need for a lawyer in this type of situation.

To avoid domestic violence charges, it is crucial to realize when it is time to walk away. If a disagreement becomes to volatile, take a breath and get out of the situation so nothing escalates. For anyone who is accused of domestic violence, it's important to work very closely with a reputable criminal defense lawyer to ensure the case is tried fairly. Not going into court with fair representation can prove to be very costly, resulting in significant jail time.

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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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