winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

4 Common Occupations Where Slip And Fall Accidents Happen

by Franklin Vasquez

Slip and fall accidents don't just happen on the street or at the grocery store. You're also at constant risk of slipping and falling at your place of work. Slip and fall accidents not only account for over 1 million emergency room visits each year, but also 11 percent of job-related fatalities for men and 5 percent for women.

While these accidents can happen at virtually any workplace, the following occupations are at the greatest risk of having slip and fall accidents occur.

1. Construction

The construction environment is rife with opportunities for slip and fall accidents. The abundance of uneven surfaces along with various obstacles, loose tools and debris, can greatly increase your chances of a slip and fall accident. Falls can also occur when working on ladders, scaffolding,, and non-moving vehicles. Misplaced ramps or walkways with missing or damaged sections can also lead to severe injuries.

2. Housekeeping

While good housekeeping reduces the likelihood of slip and fall accidents, actual housekeeping and janitorial activities can set the stage for severe injuries among the unwary. For example, mopping and polishing floors can temporarily create slippery surfaces that can cause slip and fall accidents. Power cables and extension cords can also create tripping hazards. The improper use of ladders and motorized platforms when cleaning elevated areas also creates potential fall hazards.

3. Food Service

Working in the food service industry also exposes you to various scenarios where slip and fall accidents can occur. Kitchen and dining room floors can turn slippery due to dropped food and spilled liquids, including ice and grease. Slips and falls usually occur near fryers, ice machines, dishwashers and other areas where liquid spills are most likely to happen.

Non-slip mats and slip-resistant shoes help minimize the risk of slipping and falling, especially given the fast-paced movements common in the food service environment. However, ordinary wear and tear can cause these devices to slowly lose their effectiveness over time.

4. Distribution

Warehouses and distribution centers are also places where slip and fall accidents are unfortunately common. Slick floors caused by liquid spills, roof leaks, or plumbing leaks can cause workers to slip and fall. Other issues that can lead to slip and fall accidents include improperly secured or worn-out dock plating, damaged concrete flooring, and objects such as packing materials and tools left in the path of warehouse workers.

On-the-job slip and fall injuries can be severe enough to result in steep medical bills and lost wages, not to mention lifelong pain and limited potential for future employment. A seasoned slip and fall attorney can help you gain rightful compensation for your injuries and qualify for long-term benefits.


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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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