winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

What Every Hurt Worker Should Know About Partial Wages After An Accident

by Franklin Vasquez

If you have been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to a number of valuable benefits. These perks are the result of your employer's workers' comp coverage. They include medical care for your accident injuries, but if you are unable to return to work, they also include a partial wage payment. To find out more about this way of partially compensating hurt workers, read on.

Following Doctor's Orders

You must see a doctor after a work accident and the sooner the better. Your workers' comp doctor is in charge of your medical care related to the accident for the duration of the coverage, and you must go through them for almost everything. If they order you to stay home from work, you may be entitled to a partial wage provided to you by the workers' compensation insurer for your employer.

Partial Disability Wages: What to Know

The partial wages are somewhat helpful, but they do not equal your missed wages from your job. While the percentage varies, the wages are a large part of your usual salary. However, no taxes or other deductions are taken from these wages.

As mentioned above, workers' comp wages are not taxed because they are not income. When you file your taxes, they are not to be added to your income from your job. Unfortunately, that also means that you may have to make arrangements to pay your healthcare insurance separately so you and your family will still have coverage for non-work issues.

The manner in which disability wages are paid depends on the state, the insurer, and more. Some are paid via a check each week but some are deposited into your bank account. Others may consult with the doctor and pay you in advance for several weeks of predicted downtime.

Your wages could suddenly stop if you are ordered back to work. If you disagree with the decision, don't go back to work. Instead, call a workers' comp lawyer and seek their advice. Other common problems that should have you reaching out to a workers' comp lawyer include:

  • Missing or late disability payments. You could be owed interest on that missing money.
  • You are fired from your job while out on disability. That is illegal and you can take action to gain back wages.

Treating hurt workers badly is unacceptable. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer about your problems and find out about your rights.


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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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