winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

Need A Personal Injury Attorney? Here's A Guide

by Franklin Vasquez

Not all vehicle accident cases end up going any further than an insurance claim. However, if you were hurt, chances are you are owed more compensation than the insurer is probably willing to pay you without taking things further. Using a personal injury lawyer assures victims of receiving the maximum amount of money damages that they are entitled to. Having a lawyer also takes the burden of dealing with the legal and financial aspects of the accident off of the victim's shoulders. Once you decide you need representation, it's best to know what to look for. Read on and find out more.

Big Advertisements May Not Equal Big Results

Just because the lawyer can afford to buy lots of billboard and television advertisements is no reason to believe that they are the best lawyer for your needs. However, those that advertise a lot may also be the best ones for the job. It's best not to assume anything from a lawyer that advertises a lot and base your decision on other, more important factors. For example, some big advertisers may charge higher legal fees than others. Perfectly competent lawyers can be found that don't spend a lot of money on marketing.

The Cheapest May Not be the Answer

You also should not choose a lawyer based on how inexpensive they are. Some lawyers just starting out may be excellent and may offer lower rates to build up a reputation. Interview the lawyer and ensure that they understand the scope of your accident case regardless of the price.

There Are No Guarantees

If a lawyer gives you a guarantee of a certain settlement sum, run away. No competent lawyer would ever do such a thing. Once your lawyer has learned the facts of your case and performed some research, you and the lawyer will sit down together and come up with a sum of money that is fair and reasonable given the circumstances of the case. Anything else reeks of desperation and dishonesty on the lawyer's part.

What to Look For

When you interview a personal injury lawyer, look for these attributes:

  • They are likable and you find them easy to talk to.
  • They are upfront about your chances of winning your case (or not winning).
  • They are detail-oriented and curious about your case.
  • They are familiar with working with insurance companies and negotiating settlements.
  • They take the time to learn about your accident injuries and they are easy to contact when needed.

To find out more about legal representation, speak to a personal injury lawyer today.


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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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