winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

4 Guidelines To Help You Deal With A Motor Vehicle Accident That Was Not Your Fault

by Franklin Vasquez

Many people suffer injuries and other massive damages from accidents annually. The severity of the accidents ranges from minor to life-altering. Understanding how to react when you have been in an accident is the first step toward ascertaining your safety, especially when the other party is to blame. You should follow these four guidelines to help you handle a motor vehicle accident that wasn't your fault.  

Ensure No One Is Injured

Your first step should be ensuring that nobody is seriously hurt in an accident. If you are the driver, start by assessing your body and watching for physical injuries. If you have fractures but are still conscious, your first call should be to the emergency health services. Their quick response can mean a difference between life and death for you and other passengers. You can also call in your car accident lawyer at this point. They often come in handy when getting you the medical assistance you are not in a position to get for yourself. 

Contact Law Enforcement

Your second phone call should be to the police. Many people panic and leave the scene in search of medical aid or for fear of implications. However, the best way to minimize your liabilities after an accident is by calling the police. They will get to the scene and assess it. The fresh impression of the police officer will be crucial for your lawyer and can help them build a strong case. In some jurisdictions, you might also be allowed to report the case hours after the accident. Ask your lawyer for guidance before postponing the report to a later date. 

Gather Information

You will need a competent lawyer for this part of the process. They have the skills, training, and experience to gather the evidence you will need for the legal process. They will know which data represents you well in the court of law or settlement proceedings and what might hurt your case. They also use surveillance cameras and eyewitness reports to get all the needed evidence for a successful claim. 

Avoid Talking

You should leave all the talking to your lawyer after a motor vehicle accident. Sometimes you could end up incriminating yourself if you say the wrong thing. Let the lawyer speak to the insurer, police, and any other party for the best outcome. 

You can follow these steps for the best experience when handling an accident that wasn't your fault. Remember that the most crucial thing is choosing a competent lawyer to help you gather and present evidence for the best outcome. 

Contact a local law office, such as Frank Penney Injury Lawyers, for more information. 


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winter injuries - file a personal injury lawsuit?

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